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Place to Visit & Things to do in Banda Aceh

Hi guys, thank you for visiting my blog. this time I will tell you a little about a city where I come from, the city is Banda Aceh. Banda Aceh is a city located in the province of Aceh which is part of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia. if you visit Aceh, you must visit some places or tourist spots that are very famous in Aceh. Among the many types of tours available in the Aceh region include. Tsunami Tourism There is a tsunami tour you will be shown or introduced to various historical Aceh related to the tsunami disaster. in 2004 Aceh was hit by a major disaster namely rising sea water above ground level, better known as the tsunami. on this occasion many unique things can be in the limelight for now. For example in one area in Aceh there is a hydroelectric power s...